Life Long Learnings

It’s important to keep the mind active. Using your brain and getting to perform at its best requires excersice just like the muscles of your body.

If you are looking to achieve peak performace at work, at home, in life, then you owe it to yourself to to make life long learning your mantra.

Here’s some of the things I’ve learned recently when dealing with local businesses around Auckland and the surrounding area.


What You Need to Know About NZ Personal Loans

Obtaining NZ personal loans is almost impossible these days. If you’ve been with your current bank for the past ten years or more, there is still no guarantee that you will be approved.

The reason is that many banks have been forced to visit their lending policies, making adjustments that have made it almost impossible to be approved for financing, especially for a personal reason.

The fact is that with most of the banks you have to prove you don’t really need the money in order to be approved. This may sound ridiculous, but if you think about it. In order to have NZ personal loans approved by a bank you need cash in the bank, you need a stellar credit score and you need to argue with them that you can manage without the money.

The whole reason you are probably applying for financing is that you need the cash urgently for some reason, maybe to manage unexpected home repairs or vehicle repairs. Now if you didn’t need the money, you wouldn’t be asking, which is why their new policies are degrading to so many of their customers.


The best alternative to approaching your bank for NZ personal loans, is to use one of the private financial providers which you can find online. Yes Finance is one of the top online providers. This financial provider company has been operating in New Zealand since 1997 and have helped thousands of private and businesses obtain the cash they need.

Choosing a private provider is much easier than applying through a regular bank, while they still have their set application process, obtaining the finance you need is so much easier than through the bank and the chance of your application being approved is increased.

Introducing Yes Finance

Yes Finance has been helping people with NZ personal loans since 1997. They offer an easy online application process and can often give an answer in the shortest possible time.

In a majority of cases if you have chosen to apply for financing, you probably need the cash in a hurry. Maybe your car has broken down and is now sitting in your garage until you have the funds to repair it or maybe your hot water cylinder has burst and your insurance doesn’t cover it.

You never know when something will go wrong and if you don’t have the immediate cash to do the repair, the next step is to apply for NZ personal loans. offer financial solutions from $500 to $25,000 over one to three year payment plans. They do require all applicants are eighteen or older and are residents of New Zealand.

The monthly payments that you agree on is automatically deducted from your bank account via direct debit, reducing the risk that you forget to make a payment. Their application is easy and the type of loans on offer range from personal to business and motor vehicle to vendor.

Looking for a Local Papakura Florist?

When looking for a Papakura florist you want to ensure the florist you choose is reputable, offers deliveries throughout the Auckland area and has the freshest of flowers.

Fresh flowers can often make an impact when you have something you want to say. Maybe you have a friend recovering in hospital and you haven’t had time to visit them, delivering a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers can raise their spirits and let them know you are thinking of them.

Flowers are used for so many occasions, a simple thank you, a birthday surprise and a loved one’s Valentine’s Day can all be made complete with something as beautiful as a selection of fresh and beautifully arranged flowers.

The florist in Papakura you choose should also have experience with weddings, balls and funerals. These are carefully designed fresh flower arrangements that need to look fantastic throughout the day. The flowers should be delivered on the day and arranged to ensure they can last and look fantastic throughout the ceremony or party.

Delivery is just as important. If your loved one has a birthday tomorrow, there is no point if the flowers you have ordered only arrive the following day, which means the Papakura florist you choose should have a solid reputation and be reliable with a timely delivery service whether you want your flowers delivered within Auckland or somewhere else in the world.

There is one name you can trust when looking for a Papakura florist and that’s Windsor Florist, this fresh flower company offers deliveries throughout the Auckland area.

Windsor Florist design spectacular arrangements and bouquets of fresh flowers whether you’re planning your wedding or want to surprise someone on their birthday.

This flower shop can supply fresh flowers for just about every occasion, maybe you’re planning a high school ball or a fund raising event and need a spectacular flower arrangement in place to make a statement.

Maybe it’s your wedding and you need fresh flowers for your bouquet, ceremony and reception or maybe you’re the one arranging a funeral and you want to add fresh flowers on the coffin and in the church.

This Papakura florist will not disappoint, with years of experience and a good reputation within the Auckland area, Windsor Florist will put together the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements and deliver them on time to ensure that the person receiving the flowers gets them on the day you wanted.

You don’t have to stick with fresh flowers when sending flowers from Windsor Florist. You can add a balloon to add a fun aspect to the arrangement or you can add some chocolates along with a card with your personal message written inside.

Flowers really are the ideal gift for any occasion. Maybe you have a friend and don’t know what to get them for their birthday or maybe you just want to say “thank you” to someone, fresh flowers can make a lasting impression and bring a smile to the persons face.

It’s all In the Jeans from your Levis Shop in Auckland

There is one item of clothing that virtually every individual on earth has in their wardrobe. That is certainly right, it is the pair of jeans.

Having a Levis shop in each city, Levi’s have stayed a strong favorite for women and men throughout the world for many years.

The primary concern if you are searching for a Levis store in Auckland is the assortment that they have on offer. Levi offered a broad variety of jeans for men and women on their renowned 501 original jeans with their 511 Skinny denims.

Should you be looking for a store that may provide a whole retail therapy experience then you need to visit Steven Wadams Menswear in Papakura. This clothes shop offers every item a man needs in his wardrobe from socks to magnificent Levi jeans. This is really a totally unique and upmarket service along with a sensational jean collection. While you shop for your own top pair of jeans you can enjoy personalised service.

Obviously you’ll be able to head into any Levis shop in Auckland and find a great pair of jeans, however it is essential you consider your lifestyle and physique into account. That being said there are lots of do’s and do nots connected with buying an excellent pair of jeans.

Levis Shop AucklandAn example would be that fit builds must not select tight-fitting jeans while heavier set men must pick a pair of Levi’s with larger pockets. You’d be astounded how much a little information can help when selecting those perfect jeans for any event.

The edge with Levi jeans is they are all comfy and also come in a lot of choices from the first mid rise cut, which sits comfortably on your own bellybutton towards the high rise cut which sits higher in the waist and of course, the low rise cut, which suits almost any body type.

When you walk into a Levis shop you need to have some notion of why it is you’re buying jeans, by doing this you’ll be able to discuss your needs with the sales attendant and let their knowledge of the jeans help you in locating the best pair of jeans for your own wardrobe.

The Levis shop in Auckland you visit should like Steven Wadams Meanswear offer a personalised service to you to assist you find the jeans of your own dreams.

Are you looking for an urgent plumber in Auckland?

There is nothing more daunting than the sound of running water inside the home when you’re not running a bath or have the washing machine on. This is every homeowner’s biggest nightmare and it’s also when you need an urgent plumber Auckland to come out and get the problem fixed.

There are times when your plumbing is completely out of your control and when trying to reduce your water bill, a burst water pipe or a serious drainage problem that causes leaks is the last thing you want.

Thankfully there is an urgent plumber available in the Auckland area, ready to rush out and help you weather it’s to change the washer on a tap or handle a gas problem. Ideally the plumber you choose should have experience with plumbing, draining and gas systems.

urgent plumber aucklandOnce you find a reputable plumber that you are comfortable with in your home you want to be able to use them whether you’re renovating your bathroom, need a roof leak fixed or you want to install a new hob.

Things to watch out for when looking for an Auuckland urgent plumber is that you want peace of mind. You want a professional and qualified team of plumbers who are available to offer you the quality customer service you deserve.

A good example is Ross’s Plumbing,, who are members of the Auckland Association of Master Plumbers enabling you to use them with confidence. This plumber offers the highest level of customer service being a member of the Master Plumber Quality Assurance Programme and even better, Ross’s Plumbing offers a Master Plumbers Guarantee putting your mind at ease.